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Kids Martial Arts at SBG Drayton Valley


SBG Drayton Valley provides a top notch kids martial arts program which is known world wide as SBGi’s Growing Gorillas.  In this program children have the opportunity to not only learn martial arts and the skills that come with martial arts such as, discipline, balance, goal setting, great exercise, and self defense. Growing Gorillas also has an underlining program, our life skills program.  Kid’s martial arts is much more involved than just teaching children something physical. There are a whole set of life skills that we want the children in our program to carry with them. Each month the students in our kids martial arts programs will have a new skill they are working on from Humility, Respect, and Focus to Friendship, Diversity, and Courage. Our kids classes are designed to provide tools that your child can benefit from for the rest of their life.


Aside from the life skills we have always felt that the two most important things in teaching a successful kids program are that-

1. The kids have a blast (no pun intended)


No matter how great a program may be. Whether for self defense, self confidence, or life skills, a major deciding factor in their success will be consistency. Children thrive under consistency more than anything else. Nothing will make it easier for your child to remain consistent than to ensure that they are having a great time as they learn.  At SBG we specialize in a LIVE training environment keeping children constantly engaged.

This direct involvement in their learning process can do wonders for children with short attention spans or that have trouble focusing in school. They will learn the benefits of staying on task and seeing their goals through to the end. This is one of the most important skills your child can learn as it’s one that they can take with them though their entire life.  Helping them realize their goals step by step will help them not only in school but in all aspects of life.



2:  They are in a safe environment. 


Safety is one of our main concerns.  As a parent we can understand the overwhelming drive to keep your child safe.  Our coaches and staff are highly trained in safe teaching methods. An environment where your child not only learns and grows but is safe throughout the entire process is fostered by our staff at all times.

As parents ourselves, we understand the apprehension most parents and children face when started something new.  We make it our mission to have your child feel comfortable, have a great time, and develop life skills.


In fact we are so confident in our program that we we offer your child the chance to try our program for FREE.

Our free private lesson is built so you can see what we have to offer first hand.  This can also help insure that your child-

1. Knows what to expect from the coach.

2. Knows what the coach will expect of them.

3. Knows what they will be learning in class.

4. Allows them to jump into class with out all the first day jitters so that they can learn and grow.

1800487_421246644645285_624078135_nExperience tells us that this is the best way to introduce your child to martial arts. Children’s martial arts classes have so many benefits to offer your child do your best to make sure that their first experience is safe, fun, and informative.

Space however is limited.

So what have you got to lose?

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