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Some of the most frequent questions we hear are-

“I haven’t trained before. Do I need to train before I can come to your gym”

“Do I need to have experience before training at SBG?”

“Your Academy sounds great, I’ll come back after I get in shape.”


The quick and easy answer is, NO.

NONo experience is needed.

NONo we don’t restrict our training to students who already have experience.

NONo you don’t need to be an athlete to start training.

NONo you don’t need lose weight before you start training.


The secret to SBG is You can start no matter what kind of shape you’re in or how much experience you have. We make sure that you can-

YesWork at a pace that you can build on.

YesLearn the fundamentals of each position

YesEach lesson built to cover a position or part of a position so you understand how and why techniques work.

YesLearn how to drill with aliveness so that you can develop timing from Day 1!

YesUse progressive resistance so that you can train no matter what condition you’re in and consistently get into better shape. 

The foundations is set for everyone to get involved with SBG. From those with no experience all the way up to students who have been training for five or more years and just want to be reacquainted with the fundamentals of SBGi.


This has also produced a massive jump in the learning curb for students who are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Students get a chance to do what we call Isolation Sparring.  This allows students to spar but in an isolated section of the fight. This allows students to practice what they just learned in class and repeat it over and over again with resistance, allowing a student to be in a situation where the opportunity for the technique will arise.  Compressing the time needed in order to learn how to apply the technique with timing and resistance.

Foundations is guaranteed to give you a complete grasp of the vocabulary, base movement, positions, and a couple techniques from each position to work with.  This accelerated program greatly reduces the learning time necessary in order to work with full open resistance, and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

But you don’t need to take our word for it!


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